I often get questions from people about various problems within Christianity. Since I don’t have the physical capacity to write answers to most of these, I’m compiling a list of resources for folks here.


Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster? is a good introductory text to basic problems in the Old Testament

Denis Lamoureux’s I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution is a good primer on interpreting Genesis 1 and dealing with science & faith questions. Biologos is also a wonderful resource.


Why doesn’t Paul condemn slavery? Paul Copan has a good response:

What does the inspiration or authority of the Bible even mean?  NT Wright has a wonderful exploration here:

Was Paul just talking about pederasty? Mark Smith makes a well-researched case in: “Ancient Bisexuality and the Interpretation of Romans 1:26-27.” It’s in JSTOR, so check out your college library for access:

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